About us

HP Chemicals Joint Stock Company  was established on 02/10/2007 and issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Hai Phong city.

- The company’s headquarter locates at No.1, Binh Bridge Road, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City, Viet Nam.

- Main business line: Specialized in producing additives for plastic field.


Company Oganization structure


Safety of machinery and equipment: While making products, the friction created by the worm of the extruder and the blower is very small leading pressure acting on the mesh surface is low (this is shown in the mesh pressure gauge), so the worm is not worn and the mesh must replace less. Therefore, when using the HP’s additives, you have fully peace of mind for your machinery. That is the difference of the HP’s additives. 

High quality and stability: Due to special features of our products so our customers are mainly traditional customers and familiar customers. Therefore our products must not only good but also be appropriate to maintain stability throughout production process of customers. The entire leadership, staffs and employees always determine that the most important factor of  business survival is the quality and stability of the products, accompanying by services in & after the sale. Because just making sure these factors then keeping the trust of customers, which is the most precious thing of every business. Our input materials are selected very strictly: the stone powder used is from the Mong Son stone quarry (Mong Son is the best quality stone quarry in Southeast Asia: pure, super fine-grained, high bright white concentration ≥ 98%) and other chemicals are imported from the most advanced countries. Besides we have a modern production line and a good team of engineers and skilled, experienced workers. We make ensure that HP’s additives are always maintain stability in terms of quality and safety for customers’s machinery and equipment using our additives.

Variety and rich kinds of product: Aimed at satisty maximum of customer demand, HP Chemicals jsc., has many kinds of additive used for producing goods that make from different kinds of plastic. For example: Additive for PE plastic (such as 101C), additive for PP plastic (such as 201A), additve for PVC plastic (coasted powder)…

Incessantly improve and develop: Along with the development of science, technology and materials science, the application of plastic extends and enlarged day by day ; then the born of many goods and new products is inevitable. HP Chemicals JSC., always make agreat efforts in research, innovating technology andmanagement, help to introduce new products in time to satisfy consumer and customer demands.

Besides above mentioned products, our company often get orders according to specific requirements of customers.