Additive for PP Plastic - HP 203A

Additive for PP Plastic - HP 203A

Product Name:  HP 203A

- This additives are used in producing the products that making from PP .
- The product does not make friction on the worm of the blower. Therefore, the pressure toward the surface of the net is low (we do not need to change the mesh frequently).
- More purified and gloss than using other additives (It is suitable for products need white porcelain).

- As a additive to reduce production costs, lower price. Using this additive, the plastic products have not only cheap price but also more friendly with the environment.


This kind of master batches is used for different applications such as: packaging of animal feed, fertilizer, agricultural products, particularly it is also used in production of cement package (KP, KPK), air conditioning cabinet, household plastic products, ...


Plastic Content   % 15
CaCO3 Content   % 85
Density ASTM D1506 g/cm3 1.27
Melt Index (1900C, 2.16 kg) ASTM D1238   9
Moisture IR   ≤ 0.1
Shape   mm 3 ± 0.5